A Review!

Yes, you can read a review of a story you can’t read until next week (unless you’re an Apex subscriber).

I’m very happy with it.

Yesterday my co-worker told me she’s listened to the audio version four times in her car and ended up sitting in the car when she arrived at her destination so that she could sit with the ending.

That also made me feel really awesome.

She also wondered where I learned the divination system in the story. Not the card reading, obviously, but that specific take on it. And i got to tell her that I made it up! She said it seemed very real and plausible.

But the best part, both in the review and in talking her her, is that neither seem to have noticed the tense change. And I was happy when I listened to the podcast to note that I also didn’t think it sounded clunky or weird.

I don’t consider myself a very proficient technician when it comes to writing. But I felt like the story needed a little something when I finished it, something to raise the stakes for the reader in a way they might not be able to put their fingers on. And since I had the four gardens of fate–a grouping of four–in the story, that gave me the idea for the tense change.

So, I guess, for me, that’s a bright red line the whole workings of the story hangs on: past, present, future, ambiguous future (which I’m sure there’s a technical term for, I just don’t know it) and each section needs to work in its own tense.

But for the reader, I need that seem to lay flat and not stand out. Just do the structural work of shaping the story unobtrusively.

I wasn’t sure if that would work or if it would get in the way of people being able to read the story. But so far, no one seems to even have noticed!

So, hurray!


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  1. My book group is reading “A Tale for the Time Being” and it is wonderful talking about time. You’d like it I think.

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