The End Tucking Continues

As do the errands from last weekend. I’m enjoying it, but I just feel a level of busy these days that feels unsustainable.

Also, at this point, with all the end tucking, I’m normally pretty emotionally done with an afghan, but I’m excited to see how this one is going to come together. I’m thinking it’s going to have a kind of patchwork vibe.

I’m not an artist, so all the color theory I have, I’ve had to teach myself, but I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that you have to give your eye something to do. Like, if most of your colors are dark, you need one light thing. If most of your colors are, say, reds and purples, you need a green or a yellow thing.Or, if you have a solid color, you need great stitchwork.

My next project is a baby blanket. It should go quickly. Everything is decided, I think. I’m going to do that Tunisian spiral I did on my dad’s afghan in this cool brightly colored baby yarn. It’ll go quickly. Work up cutely.

But I’m mulling over hard the next afghan after that. Its recipient likes dark, rich colors. I have found a really cool square I’m excited to try. But I’m trying to figure out how best to do the afghan colorwise. Like, what will, then, be my non-dark color?