A Couple of Ancestors

My parents found this when they were digging around in my grandma’s stuff. This is Clayton and Marie Rich, my great-grandparents. She was Irish. His family made her life miserable. They eventually divorced. It’s hard for me not to see a little uncertainty in this picture, but I’m sure I’m reading a lot into it.

clayton and marie.jpg


5 thoughts on “A Couple of Ancestors

  1. Well, what I’m learning is that they hated her because she was Irish and Catholic and teased her mercilessly about her hair, though I think the hair thing was really about her being Irish and thus Catholic. When the extended family moved from Chicago out to Colorado, she was so miserable she tried to leave and return to Chicago a number of times and they’d basically find her and drag her home. So, pretty abusive all around. They hated her, but they wouldn’t let her leave.

  2. They are gorgeous and adorable, and this is so very sad. They deserved so much more. I so wish he could’ve made a stand and told his family to accept the fine lady he married or they’d not see either of them again. Entirely too many folks let their family demons become their own, because they’re scared, and lose their happiness and themselves as a result. (Speaking from experience on both sides of that story.)

    You share more than her hair, ma’am. There’s a lot of that beautiful lady in your face.

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