Fannish Boy

I have a rough draft of my time-traveling Metallica story. It still needs some tweaking, but it makes me happy. It ended up not being so much about the band, but about fans of the band and what we want from artists with long careers and such.

I was telling the Redheaded Boy about it and I realized, though he’s younger than the fans in my story, he is exactly the kind of person I was writing about. He knew every iteration of the band. He has opinions on when and how they’re doing their best work. He is vague acquaintances of Dave Mustaine and told me Mustaine has the presence of an old lion.

I think I’m going to need to read this story to the Redheaded Kid to make sure I have the fannish stuff right. And I am, I find, a little nervous about that.


One thought on “Fannish Boy

  1. That Redheaded Kid. He’s something special. The Sheik, aka my brother, was a big fan back in our teens. Let me know if you need more beta readers from other age groups too. I bet he’d be up for it. He’s a fan of your writing too, not just of Metallica.

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