Music in Fiction

I got to meet Ed Tarkington last night! He was just like you’d hope he’d be. We talked for a minute about writing about music in fiction and I told him how much I admire his ability to get at what music does for a person, or, at least, what it meant to people my age when we were younger, the way it created a kind of private space for us to make sense of ourselves.

I tried to talk him into the new Ray LaMontaigne album, which, though I am not a big Ray LaMontaigne fan, I am massively in love with. It is an album, I think, meant to invoke the private relationship between a listener and an album.

And I told him about the Metallica time-travel story and it tickled me because, yes, anyone our age immediately sees the rightness of trying to bring young Metallica into a situation where they can fight old Metallica.

Which means I have doubly broken my own superstition.

Oh well, these are weird days. You lose someone everyone loves, the  world feels shakey, like it’s not clear if the connections will hold without that one, awesome knot.