Who Else Could Take Over?

This day. Christ. This day.

So stupid.

The Butcher is supposed to clean the kitchen in exchange for me cooking our meals.

Today he was pissed at me because he found maggots in the recycling. But it’s not my job to clean the kitchen. I felt like fighting with him about it, but I just let him rant and then he cleaned it up.

I know it’s just the nature of this moment, but I am tired of being frazzled and over-extended and on. But I don’t see a chance to get a break from that until July, if I’m lucky.

I feel like I should be more grossed out, but I can’t bother to care.


One thought on “Who Else Could Take Over?

  1. over the years, I’ve had several male friends remark to me about how organized I am and how they love their wife but wish she’d be more responsible (and in the interest of fairness, there are more women who say these things about their husbands needing to get it together). I always am dumbfounded that someone would say this. What choice do I have as a single person. How in hell will anything get done if I don’t do it all? There’s no one to pick up any of the slack.

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