I Did Some Stuff!

I sent the Metallica story off someplace. If they don’t want it, I’ll send it someplace else!

I worked a little on my October stories.

I wrestled with this afghan, for which there’s never enough yarn. But I’m loving it. I love how the white circle looks. I like the bright colors. I’m excited about my idea for how to connect the squares in an interesting way. I think I have a neat border to try.

I didn’t, however, do any weeding. I’m just not feeling like gardening and I’m not sure why.

The new kitty brought a rabbit in the house last night and ate it. She must be so fast and patient. And tired of our crappy cat food?

But why doesn’t she use her hunting skills on the mice that get into the kitchen? I don’t understand.

3 thoughts on “I Did Some Stuff!

  1. I had a cat bring a rabbit in the house and then he ate it five feet from my head. I just thought he was crunching on dry cat food.
    And at least new kitty is not the cause of the mice in the house. The same rabbit eating cat brought a live (and pregnant?) mouse in the house when called for dinner. He then spit it out to better eat his ‘real’ food. It took months to get rid of the mice. WTF cats?

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