This Dog

The dog went on a friendly neighborhood rampage last night and while I was screaming his name and stumbling through backyards, he ate the neighbor’s cheese ball, some of their crackers, pooped in another neighbor’s yard, and commandeered another AT&T truck.

It’s dispiriting how well he listens when it interests him and how blissfully unaware he is of anyone hollering after him as he runs off to do what he wants.

I’m really, really glad my neighbors found it funny. They were shouting “I didn’t know you could even run that fast” at him and encouraging him to poop in other yards.

I am mortified, though.

One thought on “This Dog

  1. When I read Scalzi’s description of his dog this morning – “just a big happy chunk of woof.’ – I thought of Sonnyboy. And after reading of his escapades it sounds even more true.

    But remember back when he didn’t know how to properly run? Such progress!

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