I’m taking a vacation for the next two weeks. I’m just going to my nephew’s wedding and then…I don’t know. I kind of want to go somewhere, but I haven’t decided and I haven’t talked to the Butcher about leaving him with the dog and I don’t have the money to go anywhere particularly cool.

But I’m not at Pith and I’m not at work and that counts for a lot I think. I’m also going to try cutting down on social media. I love feeling connected to all my friends, but it also is, I think, making me way anxious. We’ll have to see how that goes, though. I want to rave about F&SF, so that’s got to happen there.

I’ve been giving some thought to what I want to be working on next. The first half of the year, I was busy with non-fiction stuff, getting something ready for October, and a couple of short stories, some of which weren’t very good and some of which were too personal for me to do anything with but write them and be glad to be done with them. But I miss the way writing Ashland organized my time.

I am trying to figure out how I want to incorporate the musical component of this October’s stories. And what I’ll do if the artist whose song is at the center of one of the stories doesn’t put the song in a format I can easily link to or embed before October. But I’d like to get that stuff all lined up and in the hopper and off my mind. It’s just going to be a week’s worth of stories this year, but I think they’re pretty fun. Plus, music!

I don’t really know. I just have to do some stuff to recharge, I think. It’s been a hard  year so far and I’d like to change the energy.


3 thoughts on “Away

  1. May I suggest perhaps a few days in either Chattanooga or Memphis? Both close, very fun in multiple areas, and you know folks in each one. I’m not going to do it when I’m off work for 10 days starting the 11th, but I plan to hit Chattanooga this fall and spend all my time in the Bluff View Art District. The Hunter is one of my favorite places to wallow.

    Most importantly, i hope you enjoy some wonderful and very hard-earned time to relax your mind and float. Thank you for all the great writing you do; you provoke us (in a good way), you make us laugh, you make us think, and you make us exceptionally grateful that you share your talents with us. xo

  2. We’ll miss you while you’re away. Have fun at the wedding. I hope you get some serious relaxing in and some good fun. This has been a tough year for a lot of people. And what grandefille said.

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