Married Off

We went down and got my oldest nephew married off. On the one hand, it’s mindblowing because I have a nephew old enough to get married. What?! On the other hand, he’s only eighteen, which seems like a very young age to be getting married.

But it’s not like any one else in his family, myself included, knows what the fuck they’re doing in teh love and commitment department, so who knows? Maybe it’ll work out.

I came home early, ostensibly to pick up the dog from the sitter but really because I’d hoped that by keeping the trip short, I could lessen the chances that someone in my family would make me blind with fury. Unfortunately, that happened in the first twenty minutes I was there and I had to wrap myself in a thick layer of Bengay just to deal with my rage and how cramped up I was from driving with no cruise.

I would just like to thank Chevy for making their vehicles nearly impossible to trail due to their inability to hold a speed. And by “thank” I mean “beat with a stick.” Anyway.

My youngest nephew is a person! I guess that isn’t fair. But the last time I saw him, he was so obviously thirteen. And now he’s a young man and a cool one at that. So, that was fun and nice.

My oldest nephew’s wife’s family served a meal after the wedding which was so fantastic. I don’t know what any of it was. Beef in some kind of sauce. Chicken in another kind of sauce. Homemade tortillas. Coleslaw with dried cranberries in it! I repeat, coleslaw with dried cranberries. It was so good.

I hope they are happy.  I really do.

In unrelated news, the dogsitter texted the Butcher because she was concerned because the dog didn’t come upstairs to bed. He explained that, considering that the dog didn’t know how to walk on our floors at first, it’s safe to assume he had no idea a house could have an upstairs nor what he’d do with himself if he went there.

I tried not to let it hurt my feelings, but it did a little bit when the dog was obviously disappointed that it was just me who came to get him. He loves the Butcher so much.