Year of 100 Rejections

Got another rejection on Friday. You’re supposed to immediately get back up on your horse and try the trick again. But you know, I think sometimes it’s okay to put the horse in the barn and decide you’ll try again later after the cuts and bruises heal.

I read Roadside Picnic, which was fantastic. It has my opinion on aliens–which is that it’s pretty arrogant of us to even assume they’d notice us if they did show up here. And the debt TANIS and the Southern Reach trilogy owe to it are obviously deep.

I’m down. I’m feeling better than I did on Friday and I’m not defeated or anything, but I’m down. This part is really, really hard.


3 thoughts on “Year of 100 Rejections

  1. When you get a rejected manuscript for a book, do they ever tell you what is wrong with it ?
    They obviously read the text, and must know how it could be changed etc ?
    After all, they want to make money out your books presumably ?

  2. I’ve never gotten useful, specific feedback in a novel rejection. I’ve always assumed that’s because, if they could see what needed to be fixed in order to make it a book they wanted to publish, they’d tell you to revise and resubmit, not just “no.”

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