Slaves Built the White House

I have to tell you, I just don’t believe that people didn’t know this. I believe that people didn’t have to think about it and they resent being made to think about it, that they’re uncomfortable with how deeply something they don’t have to think about at all affects someone like Michelle Obama, who can’t not think about it. But I don’t believe people didn’t know this.

I think a “gift” we give ourselves as a country is a life-sized map of lies that drapes over the landscape of the nation and lets us not see what’s right there in front of us. And then a lot of us spend a weird amount of time demanding everyone see the map as the actual landscape and becoming alarmed and outraged when people are all “Oh, hey, there’s some truth under here.”

I also, however, based on the widespread gossip about Bill O’Reilly, imagine it is very difficult for him to empathize with terrorized people whose children were stolen from them.


One thought on “Slaves Built the White House

  1. I don’t understand how else people think it was built in that time and place.

    “So, if we pay you this much for the agreed upon amount of slaves-”

    “Hold on, hold on, everybody. Is it possible that someday people could be uncomfortable and upset about slavery and acknowledging its role in this national symbol?”

    “Holy shit, you’re totally right. We’ve got to rethink this whole thing and use paid labor.”

    That did not happen.

    If we can’t even face up to sad and horrible facts it is no wonder we keep doing sad and horrible things. I think you’re absolutely right about the lifesized map.

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