The Next Afghan

This afghan, the beautiful butthole afghan, has two colorways that lay then side by side in the completely afghan. I am pretty much done with the warm colorway (just have to tuck these last tails) and then I’ll be on to the blues. It’s going pretty fast and I’m curious to see how I feel about the joining, which, I think, is where a lot of the trickery of this afghan is going to be.

But as I’ve been working on this afghan, I’ve been thinking about the peacock afghan people have been putting up on Facebook. I dislike it for the main reason that the motifs don’t form the afghan. They’re just appliqued to an actual afghan which you also have to make, which, a.) would be hot as hell and b.) make two afghans to end up with one afghan?!

This afghan is eye-shaped motifs. The part of the peacock feather that interests people is an egg-shaped motif. If I learn how to connect eye-shaped motifs, aren’t I really, really close to knowing how to connect egg-shaped motifs? I think I am. In fact I think I could make the egg-shaped motifs eye-shaped and then my joining would be exactly what I’m about to learn.

I may be about to get in over my head, but I’m excited.