Day Two of Dreaming I’m Awake

This morning I dreamed I woke up and it was so dark that I rolled over to check my clock and it was like 5:15 so I still had a half an hour before my alarm was going to go off. I love that. Love nothing more than knowing there’s still time. And then my alarm actually went off and my first thought was “crap, what’s wrong with the alarm?”

Which, then, I realized I was dreaming, which is when you’re supposed to try to lucid dream, but my alarm was going off so no dice.

Anyway, I’m packed, which means I’m going to sit here for twenty minutes worrying about what I might be forgetting.

One thought on “Day Two of Dreaming I’m Awake

  1. I don’t know if you read the Sandman comic books at any point, but after somebody seriously pisses off Morpheus one time, he curses them with perpetual awakening. They wake up, then something awful (like someone pulling off her head and tossing it into the cursed person’s lap) happens and they realize they’re still dreaming and so then they start to they wake up again, but something else horrible happens, over and over and over.

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