Get Through

I’m not saying that I’ve been mildly depressed for much of 2016, but I have realized how much I’ve told myself, just put your head down and get through this. Enough to have realized that you keep your head down because if you look up and see how much more terrible stuff there is to go, you will die of despair.

But what can you do? Such is life.

I find this political season utterly depressing. I’m not in love with Hillary for reasons that only matter if both major political parties are even semi-committed to trying to come vaguely close to appearing like they took Civics and understand our political system. But when it’s “experienced politician with whom I have some fundamental disagreements and, oh, by the way, dynasties are bad for a democracy” vs. “It’d be fun to be a strongman and jail my enemies and appoint a goat to the Supreme Court and run this country like a flamboyant dictatorship,” well, you have to go with the person who’s not trying to set himself up like a super villain.

We’re coming way too close to electing a terrible second-rate super villain.


2 thoughts on “Get Through

  1. Sorry if this is too personal, but you’ve had a number of things happen that make you less able to get as much exercise for a while there, right? One of the lessons I’ve had to learn is that human bodies make depression as a response to exercise deprivation. It’s a normal biological response to a particular stressor.

    It’s extra harsh because depression makes it harder to fight with whatever is making it harder to get exercise in the first place.

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