Smelled Like Rain

This morning, the dog and I walked between bands of rain. So, we stayed dry, but we got all the pleasant smell of showers. With the cloud cover, it was somehow lighter in the back yard. I guess it lets the light from the AT&T building reflect?

Tonight we begin the spooky stories in earnest. Tonight’s is about stubborn Midwesterners, folk singing, and missing girls. Tomorrow night’s is my favorite of the whole bunch.

But, if you need something to carry you through, I wrote about spooky stuff at the State Museum for the Scene this week. I’m really proud of how it turned out, even if it’s sad.

Oh, ha ha, in other news, it’s very clear that the afghan I am working on was not fucking around about you needing two skeins of each yarn. You can only get four squares out of a skein, but you need five. So, I guess I’m going to get my popcorn border after all.