Here We Go

I remember watching the election in Charleston, South Carolina, and how anxious I was. I ordered room service and the woman who brought it up to me, a black woman, seemed surprised to find that I was hoping Obama won. They weren’t allowed to talk about the election where guests might overhear.

When he won, a small group of hotel employees came to my door and we quietly cheered.

I doubt I was the only Obama supporter in the hotel, knowing the conference I was there for, but I was the one they knew about.

I am nervous for today. But I try to keep in mind that the view from my window is not the only view.

2 thoughts on “Here We Go

  1. I’ve been looking at the fact that deep down, I am still angry at the utterly repellent garbage I saw the Democratic party pull in the 2008 primaries, and the ugly bigotry hauled out to excuse it. I said I would never again be able to see them as the good guys.

    And I still don’t. To me it is still the party of libral-dudez — a specific brand of highly-energized bigots.

    That doesn’t affect how I vote as much as you might think — I’ve always gone for weighing voting records and work performance of individuals rather than voting by party.

    But it does make me aware that if the Dem candidate does win, the Dem party’s sophisticated and subtle hate machine, which it wields against its own best people, will be cranked up to higher levels than ever before for the entire term of office. It will get ugly.

    To me it’s still a puzzle — why not just take the high road? Surely that would be a much more successful strategy for the Dems.

  2. I don’t know in what bizarre parallel universe or alternate reality Helen resides. Her memories of 2008 are thoroughly addled, and nothing even approaching what she is describing ever happened except in the demented conspiracy theories of those who lose elections and just can’t handle it.

    I do know that the hate, the bigotry, the racism, the sexism, the homophobia, the bullying, the voter suppression, the science denial, the fundamental disrespect for American values and our American system–all of that has come from Trump, from his fascist alt-right stooges, from the talk radio propagandist liars, from his tea nut racist core of supporters who could never accept a black President and probably won’t accept a female one. When Hillary Clinton–who did indeed take the high road in this horrible election season–wins, as she will and should, we can’t just sneer at them and move on. They will still be there, and they need to be isolated from the mainstream of decent American discourse and thoroughly discredited.

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