Something Beautiful

I really love how this turned out. The border, though, god, it took so long! I whooped this thing up in about a month and the border took a week! A week! One fourth of the time to do this whole afghan was the motherfucking border. But it turned out really lovely.


Did I tell you guys about my next afghan? It’s still a little nebulous. I’m trying to translate a picture my cousin’s little girl drew into afghan squares. That part is going surprisingly well, at least so far. But the four squares are not going to make an afghan. So, I can’t decide the best way to enlarge it into something she can use. Still, look at how it’s going!


3 thoughts on “Something Beautiful

  1. That afghan is so sculptural! I love the border and can see why it took so long. And the other squares are interesting-in a fun way. Maybe let them be the visually popping squares in an afghan sized amount of neutral ones?

  2. rheather, I’m kind of leaning toward smaller solid color squares (or squares with maybe a circle of a different color in the middle), but definitely something less busy that surrounds these but still looks child-friendly. I was thinking I could just repeat these, but I have fucked up the third square so bad that I won’t enjoy this afghan if I have to make a bunch of these squares, where as now, I am really liking it.

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