My Excuse

Sometimes this week, I’ve felt guilty or like I wasn’t doing my part because I just can’t spend all day thinking about all the ways this is going to be terrible and then railing against them on social media. But I can’t do that and function in the world.

And I realize that may be “normalizing” but…I don’t know. I don’t really have any good conclusion. I am afraid. And the dog needs to be walked. So, what do you do, but walk the dog? Laugh with friends? Go on?

3 thoughts on “My Excuse

  1. I can attest that making calls takes very little time, and that you will feel at least a millimeter better once you’ve made them. And I can tell you that Lamar!’s people are keeping tallies to know whether he should cooperate with Trump or not, which is completely spineless but means that the calls might have an effect.

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