Living the Dream

One of the local parks–one of the big rural ones–is off-leash in the early mornings. Today Sonnyboy and the Butcher went there and Sonnyboy chased deer and made big circles in the field and still, somehow, came back to the Butcher when he was called.

The thing about a dog is this. Or maybe it’s a thing about everybody. But a dog can’t learn unless you put him in situations where he’s previously fucked up. If you want him to come when you call him, you have to put him in a position to come when you call him, which means letting him back into the circumstances where he has not come when you called him.

Today, he did it.

I am a little sad to have missed him bounding after the deer. I know how much he loves to chase things. But I never would have let him off the leash, so there we are, anyway.

I’m glad the Butcher could do that for him.

One thought on “Living the Dream

  1. Yep, we were taking classes with the trainer for our 9 month old pup. I literally dragged our dog to most of our training sessions alone, and had a hard time with the dog whatsoever. Finally when S came to the training with us, it was SEAMLESS! My horrid expression was so transparent, that our trainer looked at me sympathetically and said, “Dogs just respond better to guys.” That’s the day when I lost all hope!

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