The KKK Reality Show

Yes, of course, it will have the effect of normalizing this nonsense, but that’s not the purpose of it. Look at how long it’s been in the works–they’ve been filming a year.

I think this is BLM backlash. White people are upset by the idea that there’s systemic racism that we all benefit from and participate in, often unwittingly, so here comes a show to reassure us that we’re not the real racists. It’s those guys.

And the “those guys” they pick aren’t even the largest racist movement in the country currently! They’re not looking at the alt-right. Just the KKK.

See, then? The problem is small and weird and not us. Let’s all point and laugh and feign shock.

2 thoughts on “The KKK Reality Show

  1. I can think of some other under-represented and misunderstood groups they could have done this for, that might have had a more positive impact.

  2. They’re looking at combining it with a “Sing” type show. There will be synchronous dancing. And horns.

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