Wedding Eve

Today we’ll be decorating the church and working out last minute details and welcoming family. I guess I’ll also clean the bathroom. Maybe vacuum.

I am happy and teary at the same time. I’m going to miss the shit out of the Butcher, but he’s also just up in Gallatin. I’m assuming. I guess there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll wake up on Monday and his whole small family will be crammed into his room here.

Ha, kidding!

I hope.

One thought on “Wedding Eve

  1. I remembering having to work the day before my wedding and calling the mathlete to ask him to run some last minute errand since he was able to take the day off. I was shocked that he was busy vacuuming since no one could blame us for having our focus elsewhere and he was shocked that I didn’t think vacuuming was high priority. Apparently there’s no hard and fast matrimonial vacuuming tradition…

    Either way I hope it is a good day for everyone.

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