The Most Popular Dog on the Block

This morning, on our walk, we went past the mailbox that marks our turn-around spot and up the hill. There’s a place at the top of the hill I need to remember to put on my anxiety list, so we turned around there, but y’all it blew the dog’s mind. He was looking at everything, sticking his nose way up to sniff the air. I mean, we maybe went fifty, sixty yards beyond where we normally walk, but you’d have thought I took him to Hawaii.

Then, on our way back, all the AT&T trucks slowed down to wave at us. I waved back, since Sonnyboy doesn’t have hands. But I knew the waves were for him. No one remembers a woman walking alone. Everyone remembers the big friendly dog.

He’s stolen two of their trucks! Granted, he didn’t get far because he couldn’t reach the pedals, but he sat in the driver’s seats and wouldn’t let the drivers have their trucks back.

You try that as a person and you are a business’s mortal enemy. You are a menace. But you’re a dog and it’s wonderful.