Yesterday Was the Day

I figured a day would come when the animals might have the idea that the Butcher was not coming home. I was afraid of that day.

Yesterday, it rained in the morning, so I couldn’t walk the dog. Mistake. I came home from work and the front curtain was open, the cat food plate was on the ground and, when I tried to feed the dog, he got impatient and spilled his bowl all over the floor. Then the orange cat peed in my room. Looked straight at me while I was washing my hands and peed and then meowed at me like “fuck you, lady.” (Same cat who has been barfing hairballs on my bed for fun all week. Well, I assume. I haven’t caught the hairball barfer in action, but he’s who’s been sleeping in my bed.)

And then, and then, I turned off all the lights and went to put the dog out for the last time and barefooted I stepped in the largest pile of dog poop that has ever been pooped by a dog. It squished between my toes.

At the beginning of the evening, I was ready to ship them all up to live with the Butcher. By the end, I was ready to ship myself up to live with the Butcher and let these fools have Chaos House to themselves.

2 thoughts on “Yesterday Was the Day

  1. Yep, it sounds like everybody is a little stressed which is upsetting digestive systems and leading to barfing and pooping. The peeing makes me nervous just because I always worry about cystitis leading to blockage in boy cats tiny urethra.
    And your description of stepping in the poo just makes my toes curl from urk! (And I have a high urk! threshold.)

  2. I think every male cat I’ve had over my whole life has died as a result of kidney problems. Poor design there, nature. But I’ve known this old boy a long time through sickness and health and this was as intentional a pee as he could muster. He even had a glare when he did it.

    On the other hand, can I confess how much I love that the dog wants to cuddle all the time with me now? Even when the Butcher and his family came over, Sonnyboy was still making sure I knew I was loved.

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