Y’all, I’ve gotten so much done this weekend that I’m feeling somewhat confused. Errands got ran, anxiety shit got done, family got fed dinner, taxes–done, dog–washed, dishes–done, laundry–done. Friends were hung out with. Have I always had this much time? What was I wasting it on?

Anyway, I have been somewhat negligent in the showing-off department. Here’s a scrap baby blanket that I made for a secret baby:


So, on the one hand, this is just a granny square afghan. On the other hand, all the white stitches are just single crochets. I feel like this gives the afghan a kind of polkadotted effect. And, as you’d hope, those seams pulled straighter in the wash.

And then I made this for one of my oldest friend’s toddler:

I’m also making a gray one for the secret baby, so that should be unbelievably adorable.

But can I tell you how excited I am for the next afghans? First, I’m doing this beautiful crocodile stitch afghan for my young friend, B. I’ve been studying up on how to do the stitch and watching YouTube videos, so I feel ready.

And then, and then! I’m going to try to do the vortex afghan. It requires a bunch of stitch markers and having two live rounds at the same time. And I’m nervous about the color combos. The person I’m making it for said she wanted 70s colors, which I believe I’ve done a good job of picking out. But I realize that there’s more to making something feel like it’s from the 70s than the colors. You have to use them right, too. So I have asked trusted knowledgeable friends and I’m now enjoying fretting about it a little bit.

But my theory for what makes something feel like it’s from the 70s is not just that orange (you know the orange I mean) or that avocado green (or zig zags, because I’ve got a different design picked out), but that, instead of putting contrasting colors together, you put colors next to each other on the color wheel together. And also, that you use colors predominately from one side of the color wheel with only a little of the other side. So, my color scheme is light gold, orange, dark red, and brown with avocado green and turquoise blue for accent.

Being a modern gal, my temptation would be to pair the green and blue with its complimentary color–green with red, blue with orange. But to evoke the 70s vibe, I’m going to use the green and blue together, and the red and orange together and the orange and yellow and the yellow and green and maybe, just for variety, I’ll do the blue and brown together. We’ll see.

I’m excited anyway.