I finished the crocodile stitch afghan! I struggled with the ribbon. It took me ten minutes to figure out how to even open it. I was like, man, all my girl cred is shot today. But I like the little something it adds to the afghan.

I also really love the back of this afghan.  I’m going to make a mermaid tail for my step-niece using this same stitch. I just need to figure out how to do an increase.

Meanwhile, I’m working on the spiral afghan. The first square in any new pattern is always a fucker, but by the end, I think I got how to best set up my stitch markers to make it suck a lot less. And I figured out how to do the border so that the raised stitches stay raised.

So, I’m going to do twelve squares somewhat like this. Three more exactly like this but in different colors. And then the other eight have the middle of the circle set off.  I admit, it does make me a little dizzy to look at it.

Also, so many ends!

But look!


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