Lord, last night in the middle of the night, I was awoken by new kitty just singing and singing. I tried halfway waking up and saying “Good kitty,” but then she got a tone in her voice so hurt that it caused the orange cat to leap off my bed. So, I was concerned that this wasn’t a loud victory song, but a song of pain and her own death.

I also then leap out of bed.

She’s fine.

She’s brought a rabbit in the house to kill and eat. It wasn’t dead, but it wasn’t going to recover. I considered what to do and as I was trying to wake up enough to formulate a plan, she killed it.

I went back to bed.

I wondered if it makes me a bad person that I let my cats outside. I also wondered why a cat who can catch a motherfucking rabbit can’t ever seem to catch the mice when they’re in the house.

2 thoughts on “Singing

  1. When my cats catch and semi mangle baby rabbits, I find the best/quickest way is to hold the ears up in one hand and hit the back of the skull. Something round, long and metal like a big screwdriver works best for the tiny bunnies. A tire iron work well for grown rabbits. And hit it harder than you think you should.

    I really hate that I know this. Just call me Ms. Death.

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