Poking Old Bruises

It’s clear to me now that my dad is freaked the fuck out by my research. He’s trying to be supportive, but he’s obviously worried that coming to the attention of the FBI in any way–even if it’s to ask questions and try to get answers–is going to go badly for me.

I have a theory of the Looby bombing, which I won’t go into here, but which I have floated by my dad. I’ve outlined my evidence–or more clearly, my lack of evidence–to him and his response is that my theory does not take into account the true enormity of Hoover’s evil.

And I get what he’s saying. I truly do. But I feel like all I can do is–like I said–look for antecedents in the public record and I do not know of another instance of what my dad is suggesting.

I also don’t know, this long later, how I would find out. I’m not stuck yet, but it is something I’m wrestling with.

And that my dad believes he knows the truth of what happened, and that it is the truth, well, I get why he’s scared. I just think it’s more likely that I’ll be stonewalled until the end of time than it is that the FBI is going to…I don’t know…take me to some blacksite or whatever.

Still, ha ha, yeah, I’m using all my anti-anxiety skills to not let this worm its way into my brain.


3 thoughts on “Poking Old Bruises

  1. Reassure him that the FBI is very busy right now and is not likely to expend staff resources to personally fuck with a historical researcher. The most they will do is just “fail to find” what you ask for if they believe it’s going to be too embarrassing.

  2. Amen. The FBI has a budget for ginning up fake terror plots that it can use to justify its budget (and its continued existence). It doesn’t have budgets, I think, for investing the paranormal or for bullying historians who poke into ugly FBI history about most people couldn’t care less. I agree with your dad, B., about Hoover’s bottomless evil, but I also agree with Bridgett that your diligence is fairly risk-free.

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