Chris Cornell

This has hit me really hard and I’m not sure why. Maybe, I think, it’s because to me my generation has always felt a little lost and thanks to early deaths like Cobain and Shakur, as if we were all kind of hanging by a thin thread. To me, the late 80s/early 90s felt like we were all angry, but for justice, for changing things, for not being what our parents were, and then by the end of the decade, we ruined Woodstock.

I don’t know. I guess I felt like we had to cling together in small groups and try to do for each other what the rest of the world would not do for us. If we stuck together, we would survive.

But we’re still slipping away. We haven’t been able to keep each other safe, to change the world to fit for us. There never were enough of us for that and now there are fewer.

One thought on “Chris Cornell

  1. Your second paragraph really brought back the early 90s for me. I can smell the cleaner they used to mop the dorm room floors and feel (not think) that idea of all we can do is stick with our small groups and try to get through things. The less I focus on everything that comes after the more real it is.

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