Damn You, Math!

So, the reason the lacy join wasn’t working is that in some squares, I was putting eleven stitches and in other squares, I was only putting ten. So, you know, not my best day as a crocheter, but I think I have it figured out now.

I haven’t ever done a flowerdy blanket like this and I am concerned about what happens in the wash. These flower pedals are going to curl, aren’t they?

I like my afghans to be no-fuss, but I think this may require a little fussing with when it comes out of the dryer.



2 thoughts on “Damn You, Math!

  1. I say that same thing quite often when I knit. My problem, though, is I just. can’t. count.

  2. As for your flower petals, you can avoid trouble by not drying it in the dryer. Just fling it over the shower curtain or something and let it dry. Some things are just not meant for tumble drying.

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