Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me

There’s a window of about 20 lbs where I’ve lived every since my PCOS diagnosis, which I am relieved about because before the diagnosis, I was just gaining and gaining and gaining and having the joy of my doctor acting like I was lying when I told him what I eat.

Anyway, I’m at the lower end of my 20 lb window these days and my trips to the doctors have taken on a weird tone. I get all this praise for “working so hard.” And then when I’m like “Um, no” they seem disappointed. Like, if I’m not going to tell them a story of suffering, they’re not interested in hearing it.

I don’t think they know that. Of course. But it is weird to me how often doctors seem okay with fat if you’re suffering from trying not to be fat.  How much praise they’re ready to heap on you if you have some tale of misery to recount.

Which is not to say that I don’t sometimes make myself miserable over it. I do worry that no one could ever really love this body, myself included. I worry that people are staring or grossed out or whatever. I worry about being confronted by assholes in public.

But when I can quiet those voices, I don’t suffer from being fat. I don’t like it, but I don’t dislike it. I mean, yeah, I wish I were pretty and everyone loved me. But I also like how soft I am and I think my toes are adorable and I like having gigantic boobs.

And I like not suffering. I don’t think there’s any virtue in suffering. And I think it’s a trap to believe that your good life starts when you’re thinner or prettier or I don’t know. Some other thing. This is your life, now, what you make of it. And I don’t believe that my life would be improved by me “working so hard” and suffering.

I mean, I assume people who hardcore diet and exercise do it because ultimately they like it. I don’t think Jason Statham looks that way because there’s virtue in suffering. I think he looks that way because he really likes to look that way and he really enjoys the things he does to look that way. I mean, if his trainer said, “Jason, you can do one hundred pull-ups and have shoulders like a god OR I can kick you in the nuts one hundred times and you can have shoulders like a god” he’s obviously doing the pull-ups, right? Even if the pull-ups kind of suck, there’s the suck of “Yeah, this bit’s not going to be fun” and then there’s the suck of “I am in pain and can’t move and want to die.”

So, it’s fun and he likes challenging himself and he likes how he looks in the end.

I don’t know. I lost the thread once I brought up Jason Statham and started thinking about his shoulders. If he were a cocktapus, you know somehow he’d be glaring at you with his face and each of his eight dicks.

In a fight between The Rock and a cocktapus, who would win? Tell me in the comments below.

Okay, I think I remember what my point was. I would not be a better person if I accepted more suffering into my life. But I am disturbed by how much of an assumption medical professionals have that I would be better off if I were suffering more.


5 thoughts on “Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me

  1. I wonder how much of that suffering is also gender-oriented. My dad never hears a peep from his doctor about weight or diet, b/c all his blood work is good (or mostly). His sugar’s a little high, doc waves it off. Something he ate. Mom, now. Mom’s on 15 kinds of pills and must Not Eat Sugar and Must Exercise Right Now. Her bloodwork is not fantastic, but they essentially look like two old people who like food and somehow, she’s on death’s door and needs to suffer and he’s fiiiiine.

  2. The Rock would just give that charming, charming grin and the cocktapus would get all flustered. Then they’d go and have an intense workout so The Rock will stay looking wonderful too. (Even though he doesn’t have Jason Statham’s amazing back muscles.)
    And now I feel the need to go watch workout videos of them both.

  3. K. Eason, oh god, I hadn’t even thought of that component of it, but yes, I do think a lot of it is heavily gendered. I think there is a level of pain and discomfort the medical profession–probably without even realizing it–just expects us to tolerate.

    rheather, I really want their spin-off of F&F to involve them making out. I know it will never happen, Hollywood being what it is and their careers being so heavily dependent on machismo, but if two huge bald guys who like to smell like fish farts can’t find love in this crazy world, who can?!

  4. I’d watch the heck out of that spin-off. Especially if The Rock could get Jason to giggle. Sigh.

  5. The only thing helping me survive the fact that the scenario in your comment doesn’t exist is knowing that in some alternate universe, that’s the movie.

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