Yesterday, I stumbled across a blog post about an Instagram account that’s some woman in Australia, I think, who takes pictures of herself in poses similar to ones celebrities post on Instagram, but with often hilarious ensuing results.

I had a weird experience looking at her pictures next to the pictures of the celebrities, in that, rather quickly, I found myself preferring to look at her. Her more ordinary body doing more ordinary things.

And it got me thinking of how advertising tries to show you an ideal to strive for–but the point is that you can’t get there or why would you need to keep buying things? The people need to be otherworldly and they need to have no ordinary people around them or your eye goes to the ordinary person.

It’s not just the lie. It’s the lie without comparison.


2 thoughts on “Bodies

  1. She’s fantastic and looking at a bunch in a row of the celebrities reveals a pattern of really quite disturbing presentations of themselves that creep me out. The woman comedically mimicking them is such a pleasure to look at though for sure.

  2. Yeah, that’s a part of it, too. When you don’t see any ordinary bodies, what they’re doing doesn’t seem strange. But when you see what it looks like when an ordinary person tries to do it, it really brings into focus how weird it is.

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