Rock and Wood

My floor is still a mess, but we have a plan. My plan involves shaking my fist at the sky and asking “Why is all vinyl flooring either rocks or wood?” You can put whatever you want on vinyl flooring. Why can’t I have some cool retro flowers? Or anything but rocks or wood? I am baffled.

4 thoughts on “Rock and Wood

  1. check out commercial vinyl (Armstrong commercial heterogeneous sheet vinyl or composite vinyl tile). we put it in 15 years ago, and with no special care, it still looks good – even the seams. it is not as shiny as residential vinyl, and it looks like what it is (durable sheet flooring). Also, based on a glimpse of your cute tiled bathroom, may have some resources.

  2. fangirl! is amazing! Coupled with the hellscape of shopping yesterday has convinced me that my two picks for flooring are going to make me and the house very happy.

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