I keep checking up on what’s going on and then regretting it. I have the same feelings I had during Katrina, that we really are on our own. And that because of that, people are going to die.

But at least people got pissed during and after Katrina.

I’m already tired and afraid that people are just going to shift into telling us how awesome he’s doing and how everything is fine.

It’s the gaslighting and the anticipation of gaslighting that’s wearing me down.

Good luck, indeed, Houston.


4 thoughts on “Texas

  1. Trump’s coming to Texas today is just going to be grandstanding for him. He’s going to foul up the traffic on top of everything else.(And since I got more than 22″ of rain and spent 2 days dealing with cats who don’t like litterboxes, yet don’t like standing in water to pee- I feel like I can complain.)

  2. Holy shit! Of course you can complain. Standing water and cat pee?! They said on the news you all might see a break from the rain today. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  3. I’m good now- the rain stopped at my house by Monday morning. And I didn’t get tangled in any of 45’s motorcade crap on the way home. I heard Harvey’s remnants might be heading up your way, hopefully much less drama by then.

  4. We’re trying this new thing where we pay attention to the weather reports and the city goes out and cleans out gutters and makes sure storm drains are clear and all kinds of other stuff to make sure the rain can drain away as easily as possible. So, I’m hoping this…um… they’re calling it “preparation”…makes a difference and we’ll just be soggy, not flooded.

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