Tomorrow is D-Day!

Tomorrow, my nephew, Delano, who will have to have a nickname once he’s out in the world, will be born. I’m planning on going up and sitting in the waiting room and seeing him on his first day.

I’m so excited.

And worried, of course, but much more excited than worried.



5 thoughts on “Tomorrow is D-Day!

  1. I like nm’s idea, but I can’t let go of “the President” for the new addition.

    Young D is already smart enough, he’s kind enough, and darn it, people already like him enough. Eminently more qualified as a human and a man than the current occupant, too. ;)

    Please share our congratulations with the Butcher, his fabulous wife, and those fabulous older kids who are going to be a great big brother and big sister. Congrats to the grandmas and grandpas on both sides, and every woo-hoo ever to the World’s Best Aunt. ❤️😊👏🏼

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