Come Together, Right Now, Over Me


I’ve just got to put a border on this bad boy and tuck in my ends. I’d also like to find a place I can spread it out completely and get a picture of the whole thing. I think it’d be interesting to do this afghan solely with variegated yarn or self-striping yarn, or both. I love that middle square so much.

But, yeah, definitely, if I do this again, I’m going to do each square with three rounds instead of four. I mean, this is practically a bed spread. I like big afghans. I want you to be able to wrap yourself in them when you’re sick. But this is a tad ridiculous.

Nothing fancy for the border. Just  few more granny rounds.

2 thoughts on “Come Together, Right Now, Over Me

  1. That is awesome. I mostly knit, and then mostly smaller things. You’re making me want to try an afghan. (except for end-tucking. I join you in disliking that part)

  2. You might also be able to get away with only doing the central 8 by 8 part if you want a smaller one. I mean…It would be less exciting with the most prominent start a white (or background) one than with the most prominent star in all the colours…but probably still pretty cool.

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