Baby Growth Spurts are Nothing to Joke About

Y’all, I just saw this child on Friday and last night, he seemed a third again as big as he was on Friday.

Also, on Friday, he was still like “Eyes? Yuck, why do I have to see things? I will just shut these and hope for the best.”

And last night he was all “I will kind of look at you! Oops, my eyes slid over to this other thing to look at! Whoa, here’s another thing to look at.”

His mom said that he smiles at the tassel on the curtain by the changing table. She doesn’t know if that’s because the tassel is his friend or if he’s just pleased he recognizes something.

It’s weird when you think of how sight must happen. That at some point, you have to make the connection that you’re seeing actual things out there in the world that you can predictably see again, that the things you’re seeing are something and so looking at them is worthwhile.


I’m also… ugh… this is stupid and uncomfortable, but I’m trying to get more used to how I look, to just be neutral to slightly pleased with it. So, that sucks and is weird, but I just can’t run around being all “I hate this meat sack.” I don’t need to love it, but I have to make some peace with it.

Anyway, look at those adorable tiny jeans!

5 thoughts on “Baby Growth Spurts are Nothing to Joke About

  1. Kit has loved this towel that I have hanging on the wall by the changing table. It came from Portugal and it was too cute to use so I put it up in my sewing room and he liked it so much I have left it up.

    And I like the way you look. It makes me happy to look at you.

  2. As I was scrolling down I saw a face with what looked like the top of a baby’s head, and I thought, “That’s a face babies think is good!” It took me a moment to realize it’s your face, and then to remember your remark about having a body babies think is good. You have an amazing teach-babies face — the right kind of contrasts and features, the right kind of expressiveness.

    I got scolded roundly by a health professional a few days ago for having an, “I hate this meatsack,” attitude. She told me firmly that my body is doing its damndest, kicking ass and taking names when most people’s immune systems would have rolled over by now, and I needed to get my head straight. Easier said than done, but I take her point. I sympathize with you.

  3. I have long thought that I have a face that is easy for babies and small children to see and make sense of, because even when I’m like at a grocery store, if a baby sees me, it smiles and keeps looking.

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