Ghost Dog, Revisited

I’m sad to report that I think the ghost dog in the back yard is a living cat. Which, since my first rule of “Is it haunted?” is “Have you completely ruled out a cat?”, shouldn’t surprise me, but I still was disappointed.

I didn’t get a good look at the cat today, since the dog was chasing it, but it appears to be orange.


3 thoughts on “Ghost Dog, Revisited

  1. Ghost dog or live cat both make sense. I had a friend who liked to stay at my house when her roommate was out of town because any weird noises she heard could be attributed to my cats.

  2. I told this at lunch today to facilities folks and now I’m going to tell you. Earlier this week I was walking across campus to a meeting when I heard a squirrel meow. Like a legit cat. Yet there was no cat–only this squirrel. I was equal parts freaked and intrigued since I’ve never heard that noise come from a squirrel in my entire life. Mind you, I’ve never been accused of being outdoorsy, but I’ve been around plenty of squirrels as I go about my business.

    I passed at least a dozen other squirrels as I walked. All were making the same damn meow sound.

    And then an hour later when I returned to my office, it was dead quiet. Still squirrels, but they were all meowed out, I guess. None of them made any noise.

    I should probably tell this to the woman doing the campus squirrel study.

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