Roy Moore

Roy Moore is and has been a disgusting terrible theocrat. I remain unsurprised by him.

I cannot imagine being the daughter or the sister or the wife of the men who are standing around Alabama today excusing him.

When you find out your father is okay with a thirty-something man “trying to date” a teenager, don’t you wonder if your friends were ever safe with your father? Don’t you wonder if you really were?

My heart aches for the people of Alabama today, not the folks arguing that, since Joseph did it to Mary, it’s fine for Roy to do it. But for the people who should be able to feel safe in their own home, able to trust the men in their lives to not harm them or excuse harm that befalls them, who have to know today that the people they love are not safe.

One thought on “Roy Moore

  1. I think the truth is that (most of) the men saying these things don’t actually believe them. They are simply so invested in their partisan politics that they are flailing around trying to come up with excuses to vote for the guy who will help give their donors a tax cut. And I think that the women who know them know this about them. Which is creepy, but not in a way that will make these women acknowledge that the excuses endanger them.

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