Nephew Mind Blown

Last night, I ate a S’more and while I was holding my nephew. I got some marshmallow on my finger and then, like any good aunt, I stuck it in his mouth instead of licking it off myself.

I think I broke him. Not in a bad way. But I don’t think it had occurred to him before that that things could taste radically different. He just sat there, completely still, eyes wide.

How is this real life? I just don’t know.

5 thoughts on “Nephew Mind Blown

  1. Ha! Awesome! I did that to Kit with a Frosty and now he needs to check every thing I eat for deliciousness.

  2. @Saraphina: Be careful. My eldest son had figured out food on plates was good, and had the grab-and-stuff down pat, at lightning speed. I warned my mother of this, when she wanted to hold him during lunch at the family reunion. She scoffed at this, and sat down with baby and plate. He grabbed and shoved, and a look of total betrayal broke over his little face, for he had grabbed a handful of vinegar cole slaw.

  3. B, my sister sent me an anguished text when her FIL let her baby lick french-fry grease off his finger. I’m sure your SIL didn’t care, but some moms would… :P

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