I got a lot of crocheting done. My goal was to observe and keep the dog out of their hair, which left me much time for crocheting.

The dog was so good! He barked at first and tried to make everyone give him a million scratches but then he settled down and just chilled.

One of the guys called him a friendly polar bear and I swear Sonnyboy took it as a compliment. I’m like “you don’t even know what a polar bear is!” but he was like “I am super awesome.”

Anyway, here’s where the afghan is at this point:


I genuinely can’t decide if it’s awesome or horrible. I also think putting it together is going to be a little bit of a bear, but we’ll see. I just have nine more triangles to go.

One thing I really like about the palette, though, is that it’s very busy, but it’s not too loud because the colors are pretty muted.