Shapes are Hard

Y’all, crocheting shapes is hard. My pyramid looks more like an ottoman (which may tell us something about world history, though I’m not sure what). My cube is saggy and my ball is lopsided. In like four different ways. I can’t decide if my mobile is going to be “charmingly rustic” or fucking terrifying. Euclidian geometry is over-rated, right?

See the elephant in this picture? That’s me about this stupid project.


The next time I say I’m taking on the Anything-Industrial Complex, remind me of how defeated I’m feeling by this stupid mobile.


9 thoughts on “Shapes are Hard

  1. Are the shapes solid? For the geometric shapes, you could crochet over a piece of cardboard and just do the sides and then stitch them together to make the shape. (as a non-crochet person this may or may not work) Dunno about the critters.

  2. I thought about crocheting a tiny Cthulhu to roam among the non-euclidian shapes, but I worry the Butcher’s in-laws might not find it as funny as I do.

  3. I’m thinking I’m going to do it, but not sew him onto the mobile, so if they decide they don’t like him, they can easily remove him. I just think it’s too funny to have all these not quite right shapes and also Cthulhu.

  4. I think you could do a small and profitable business crocheting little Cthulus. I know one customer right here.

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