Day One

I think it went okay. I got them most of the day so they could do their Christmas shopping for each other and have dinner while the Butcher’s family was doing other things. I tried to put into practice everything that I’ve learned at therapy. And I’m trying to be aware of when I’m frustrated and when I’m concerned and when and whether those are separate things.

My parents kept asking me about weird things the orange cat was doing–like when he just stands there like he’s waiting for what he should be doing next to come to him or, like now, when he’s sitting on the couch and he appears to be asleep, but he’s in a position you know he can’t possibly be asleep in and I was just repeatedly like “He’s old. He’s just doing old, weird shit.”

He’s still the animal in this house most likely to come when you call him and most aware of what’s going on in all rooms of the house at any given time. So, I guess I’m not that concerned. I mean, I am concerned in that, yes, he’s 18, which, for a cat is ridiculous, but he doesn’t seem to be in pain, so if he kind of fritzes out every once in a while, well, maybe that’s to be expected.

4 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Those sound like things he might do if he were feeling a little old and achy and arthritic. Can you give him a heating pad to sit on, or anything of that sort?

  2. He has the bathroom floor for when he’s achy. He sleeps A LOT these days, but he loves my parents, so he wants to be awake when they’re around. I think he may genuinely be falling asleep while trying not to.

  3. Awww, how sweet. He does seem to think the world of your house and environs will collapse into chaos if he doesn’t stay on top of things, so I could definitely see him working extra hard to monitor everything when people he likes are over.

    My cat is having some of her winter-associated PTSD, but since I’m home with her for the holiday weekend, it isn’t so bad because I can hold her as much as she wants. She clearly remembers being a homeless kitten in ice and snow.

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