Bad Daughter

I might be obsessing a tiny bit over my parents’ fake daughter. I’m torn between feeling like it means that I have so failed them that they had to go outside and find someone who could do the things for them I can’t do and feeling relieved that it’s not me.

I brought the mermaid tails to work on when I was up there, but I was mostly too distracted to work on them. But I did finish the afghan.


I didn’t do anything too fancy for the border, just a single crochet row of that amazing dark blue and then a row of half double crochet in white. That’s Scheepjes Stonewashed XL yarn and it’s really, really lovely.

And my favorite part is that it is that baby blanket I did, but in a bigger yarn. Same amount of squares. I did add two more colors–that blue and a dark green, but pattern-wise, it’s the same.

Here’s the comparison.

And it’s so cozy! It’s got a nice weight to it and it looks beautiful. So, I just need to finish up my mermaid tails so I can start on the Bauhaus afghan.

4 thoughts on “Bad Daughter

  1. I have been thinking about your family’s very weird behavior. What happened is weird as fuck. And doesn’t say anything negative about you.

  2. The fake daughter thing would freak me out a little, yeah. I mean, don’t most parents just get a dog to spoil when their kids are moved out? And I would worry about scamminess, even if it hasn’t manifested in big scary ways. Do your parents have any sensible friends up there to keep an eye on the situation?

    It is positively not a failure on your part, though. In any way.

  3. Ha, no. My parents are the sensible ones in their group. But a friend emailed me, wondering if this is them kind of subconsciously setting up a congregation for themselves, and I have to say, that made sense of the dynamic of it for me.

    That is exactly what it feels like, except for the familial language they use to describe it. And that made me feel slightly less weirded out by it.

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