3 thoughts on “WTF?!

  1. NYT finally decided to let me view a few more articles, so I finally got to see this one. Definitely cake.

    I’m not even to the end of it, and all I can think is, “Wow, Tennessee has similar je ne sais quois to Texas.” Which is probably why some of your writing tends to make me think of Molly Ivins.

    It’s a brand of, “What the hell was that???” that seems similar to TX to me, a northerner from Minnesota, and distinct from other types of Southern-ness. But maybe the differences are more obvious to others whose basis of comparison isn’t a place where a polite, friendly-toned neutral-sounding question that gets repeated once too often means either 1) the asker is one of the worst assholes in the state and you should run far away, or 2) people are pretty sure YOU’RE one of the worst assholes in the state and they’re trying to warn others to run far away. It’s even harder to parse than the infinite applications and intonations of, “Awww, bless yore heart.”

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