Yep, a Cold

This definitely is a cold. But I have too much to do to be sick. So, that’s a bummer.

I’ve started the border on my current afghan. So, here’s the thing. Normally, when you’re making a row with single crochets, at the end of the row, you just do one chain to turn. And the moss stitch is just a single crochet and a chain. But at the end of my rows, I did three chains so that, when I did the next panel, I’d have an easy place to attach the panel with a chain-slip-stitch-chain join. Easy peasy. Each row joined as I went.

But I also then put those three chain turns on the outside, where I knew there wasn’t going to be a panel, not for any good reason, but just because it seemed easiest.

But it has made putting a border on this thing super easy. And often when you do a border down the edge of your blanket, it looks a little wonky because you’re just kind of guessing where stitches should go. But here there’s a deliberate place for stitches to go!

I feel like I’ve stumbled on a miracle.