The Tail End of the Cold

I felt better after dinner last night. Not great, but better. And this morning I got up and walked the dog for the first time in three days. That felt tremendous.

I’m still a little stuffy, but damn, I’m glad that’s over with. Now I have to go into work and deal with ridiculous stuff.

But, hey, I wrote a short story about a surprise new species of crawdads and it turns out the world made a surprise new species of crawdads.

3 thoughts on “The Tail End of the Cold

  1. My brain keeps reinterpreting words on your blog as “cat”, such as, “The Tail End of the Cat”.

    Random cat trivia: My cat thinks the sound of my electric shaver is some kind of giant, primal purring. It can be hard to get my legs shaved because she thinks it’s purring festival and affection time.

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