I keep wondering how long we’ll do this. This meaning everything. Stand by while kids at school die. Choose meanness.

It’s hard when you believe in the power of words to say words upon words upon words and find that nothing changes.

Today it was too muddy to walk the dog, so we just went up and down the driveway ten times. I know, just based on how long it took, that had to be a shorter walk than our usual walk and it’s flat, whereas normally we walk up and down a big hill.

But the dog and I are both wiped.


One thought on “Walking

  1. I like the #MeNext? campaign, because it so accurately conveys how kids really see how the adults are handling this one.

    I recall talking to someone whose kids were teenagers about how it looked to me when I was a teen and adults refused flat-out to get me out of my abusive home, on the grounds that I should just hang on until I reached legal adulthood. She said that seemed reasonable. I told her that’s now how it sounds to a teen — what teen hears, literally, is “I am fine with you dying instead of me being inconvenienced”.

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