The Goth Afghan

I really love how it turned out.


The only thing I’m a tiny bit bummed about is that I can’t get my phone to take a picture of it that really shows how lacy it ended up. If we get a good sunny day between now and the time I wash it, I might see if an outside picture picks up that detail.


This kind of gets at it, though it also shows all the dog hair. Jesus Christ. Yesterday I made the mistake of looking at my couch in the daylight and I had to vow to never have people over until every pet I own is dead and I have all new furniture. I mean, I know it’s spring shedding season, but christ.

For my next afghan, I’m going back to the spiral pattern and I’m hooking my folks at Third Man Books up with something they can use in their freezing office. Though, by the time I get done with it, it might not be so cold in there.

2 thoughts on “The Goth Afghan

  1. Damn, that is pretty.

    I love the fire-flowers effect. It just plain looks really cool. But also, I was somehow thinking in the back of my head that the way it looks is a “me” thing from when I was little, and I stopped to think why, and it’s because my nickname when I was little was, “Tiger Lily”. I had forgotten that.

    But much more important is that your latest creation is lovely. It’s kind of fire-flowers floating on a lake of night sky.

  2. I just keep coming back to look at this. It seems like the flowers should be moving in an unfelt breeze.

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