I have this recurring dream lately where I go to visit a couple of my friends, who live in an apartment complex along the interstate, and are history buffs.

And the husband in the dream is all the time telling me I need to go to the restaurant–sometimes it’s a Hooters, sometimes it’s called a guy’s name–down the street, if I can.

The restaurant is located where the interstate is. Except sometimes the interstate isn’t there and, if I can figure out how to get through the tall grass and the brush, I could go to the restaurant, which I can see through the weeds.

But I never can get there. Even though I know there’s something important, or at least interesting, inside.


2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Well you do seem to spend a lot of your time looking for roads that aren’t there anymore, and buildings with secrets in them. And your blog posts lately have been about not yet having the whole story on the bombings, things not said, things not recorded, people who may or may not have been involved. Lots of mystery and obscurity.

    Not sure how Hooters figures in, but then sometimes I think the subconscious has a sense of humor about what it tells us.

  2. It does sound related to themes in your historical work. I dream about my work and wake up with new insights — could your brain be trying to tell you something, some important connection, that you’re not seeing awake?

    But it also sounds like maybe it’s one of what I call “warning dreams”. I mostly don’t have bad dreams anymore, except when there’s a problem in my life I’m not facing up to — usually a problem person I should not be giving the benefit of the doubt. If I accept the warning and do something about the problem / stop keeping the problem person a part of my life, the dreams stop. Do you get those, and could this be one?

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